Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Celebrating National Egg Month

May is National Egg Month.
(There is a month for just about everything...)

image source: sheknows.com

Eggs are a good source of vitamins A, E, D, and E, iron, sulfur, lutein, zeaxanthin, fats and protein (all good stuff). They also contain a good bit of cholesterol (not so good stuff), which garnered heart health concerns for years. In 2000, the American Heart Association revised their dietary guidelines deeming it ok for healthy adults to consume an egg a day within the daily limit of 300 mg of cholesterol.  One large egg contains ~200 mg cholesterol - that’s 2/3 the daily recommended allowance, so moderation is key. 

I enjoy eggs a few times per week, primarily for the protein. Egg’s cholesterol and fat are in the yolk, and the whites are essentially protein. To keep my egg intake healthy and satisfying, I most often use whites only or a 3:1 whites to whole egg ratio (3 egg whites combined with one whole egg).  
Here are some of my go to preparations.

Typical scrambled scrambled egg/egg whites breakfast.
Lunch omelet

Dinner frittata

 A few egg facts and tips:

A bowl of water can tell the freshness of an egg.  Carefully slip the egg into a clear bowl with enough water to cover the egg by a few inches. Watch the egg.

  • If it immediately sinks and settles on its side at the bottom, the egg is very fresh.  
  • If the egg goes to the bottom but shifts such that the pointy end lifts off the bottom of the bowl – this egg is moderately fresh.  It is still good and will be easier to peel when boiled.  
  • If the egg floats on the surface of the bowl of water – it is old and should be discarded. 

It is best to crack an egg on against a flat surface, not the edge of a bowl or counter. Cracking against an edge pushes pieces of the shell inside which is messy and could contaminate the contents (unless you wash the egg before cracking – and who does that?).  Cracking against a flat surface yields a much cleaner separation of the shell.

Store your eggs in their original cartons. Egg shells are highly porous. Strong odors and flavors easily penetrate altering egg quality.  Egg cartons block this transfer. 

Avoid storing eggs in the door of your refrigerator.  Each time you open the fridge, items on the door are subjected to room temperature air.  This temperature fluctuation is better suited for condiments, beverages, and other more stable items on the door.  Eggs, milk, meats, etc. are better maintained on internal shelves or drawers where the temperature is cooler and more consistent.

Essentially, there is no difference between white eggs and brown eggs. The color of the hen’s feathers affects egg color. (White hens primarily lay white eggs. Hens with reddish brown feathers lay brown eggs.)

There is a substantial nutritional difference between ‘designer’ and conventional eggs.  Hens that are fed well and/or treated humanely produce 'designer' eggs. Examples include: cage free eggs (eggs from hens raised in an open area vs cramped cages), vegetarian eggs (eggs from hens whose feed is plant-based and free of animal by-products), organic eggs (eggs from hens fed organic feed) or omega-3 enriched eggs (eggs from hens whose feed is supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids). These specialty eggs cost more, but better feeding and raising of the hens produces a nutritionally better egg for your body. 

Additionally, a look at the feed and living conditions many traditional egg producers provide their hens may touch your heart and turn your stomach. Enough with the heavy stuff... 

Free recipe booklet
Eggland's Best and Taste of Home Magazine created an amazing collection of egg-based recipes.

Click here to download this free 140-page Breakfast & Brunch Bookazine. 

Take a look and get to crackin and cooking.  

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fruit from Winter Gardening

Garden Update

The past few weeks, we've taken our time clearing out the beds and planting for spring. I adore this time when we can enjoy 'fruit' from winter gardening labor.

Honestly, the labor was easy. Winter gardening is the bomb.

It is that small window of time in Louisiana when outside work is bearable because it is not hades hot. Maintenance is minimal as you don't have to water as much, and weeds don't thrive in the cold. Glory!

This was our first season growing carrots from seed.

Baby Girl was sooooo excited. I screeched with her.

These babies are pretty and pretty special. Possums chewed up most of our cabbage while they were growing. They are the lone survivors.

Carrots and some of the cabbage will go into a slaw for tomorrow's lunch. It's smothered cabbage and cornbread for dinner tonight.

I'm in a happy space. Connection to food is a beautiful thing.

What are you planting this season?

Monday, April 18, 2016

{Recipe} Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie Smoothie

I like peanut butter.
I really like oatmeal.
I really really like cookies.

Today's Meatless Monday breakfast was a smash up of those ingredients and tastes.
(Minus fat, flour and refined sugars.)

NJ Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie Smoothie

An Oatmeal Peanut Butter 'Cookie' Smoothie.

Here's the hook-up:

Two pitted Medjool dates, small ripe banana, old fashioned oats (~1/3 cup), dollop natural nut butter (used my fav peanut and cashew combo), ice cubes, unsweetened almond milk, a pinch of kosher salt, and a few dashes of ground cinnamon.

Blend in Vitamix till smooth.

The oats add flavor, protein, and heart-healthy soluble fiber.
This smoothie is good and good for you.

More ideas in the Super Simple Smoothie blueprint in "Put Your Faith Where Your Fork Is."

#faithwhereforkis #TempleCare #CleanEating

Friday, April 15, 2016

Remember and tell God's goodness

Today's Facebook Live broadcast came from a recent First5 devotional written by Whitney Capps. Based on Leviticus 23:24 she focuses on the response from remembering God's goodness.

This stuck with me. In the Facebook Live broadcast I share  some of my thoughts and story.

Click here to watch...

What about you?
How has God been good to you?
Remember and tell one example.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Faith Information and Inspiration 24/7

Resource Spotlight: 247Praiseradio.com

247 Praise Radio is a global inspiration station sharing the Good News and great music 24/7.

Broadcast from Baton Rouge, LA this Stellar Award nominated internet radio station serves believers in all 50 states and 68 countries around the globe. 

Their mission is to: 

  • Glorify God
  • Evangelize The World
  • Edify The Believer

247 PraiseRadio.com strives to 

  • Offer quality music, news, and information  for listeners around the world
  • Give ministries an affordable option for international exposure
  • Give businesses a platform to share products and services
  • Give authors, gospel music artists and poets a platform to share their gift with millions.

Listen from your PC, ios or Android device. 

Check out this inspiration resource at www.247praiseradio.com and help spread the word.